Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello and welcome to The Beats and Brew Blog, or, as I will be calling it, The BBB or Triple B. This is designed to be a place for me to share good music and good beer.

I intend to post one song in each publishing. If possible or necessary, I will include a link or video. The songs that are posted will probably be eclectic in style and will most likely be something that has been hovering around the inside of my head for awhile. I will not be posting a new song every day, but rather each time I also post about a beer.

I do not and will not drink a beer every day. Therefore, posts will be sporadic, but each beer post will include a song. I will only be posting songs that I like, and in general, I will only be posting beers that I enjoy. I've decided not to form a rating/ranking system (1-5 stars) because I usually do some research about a beer before I buy it, including how it rates on, so odds are that I will find some good in each one. Instead, I will tell you whether you should stay away from one, if I recommend it, or if you should seriously seek it out. I hope that I will have you searching for many delicious and rare brews.

I will try to give as much detail as I can. I'd prefer not to sit down with a pad and paper each time I crack one open, so I'll most likely be relying on memory. Please, feel free to comment on anything you see here at The BBB. I'm open to questions, as well as your own music/beer suggestions.


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