Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 1, 2011

Beer: Racer 5 IPA, Bear Republic Brewery

Racer 5 is a very hoppy IPA, but a very easy drink. It's definitely not as floral or as pretty of a pour as Pliny The Elder, but it's highly drinkable. It's kind of citrusy, and a bit sweet for an IPA. Overall, I would recommend this as a session IPA. I might be referring to this often, so a definition of a session beer might be helpful. Anything that is a 'session beer' is a beer that could be very enjoyable to drink multiples over an extended period of time. A lot of the beers I'll rate and describe on Triple B will be too heavy, too sweet, too whatever to have more than one. Racer 5 is a beer that would be enjoyable over and over at a BBQ. Give it a taste if you have a chance.


I've been on an oldies run lately, and no one artist has been stuck in my head more recently than Al Green. I'll add one of my personal favorites of his, a song that isn't often listed when his name comes up. Enjoy "Here I Am Baby" by Al Green.

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