Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 13, 2011

Beer: AleSmith X, AleSmith Brewing Company

AleSmith is a microbrewery from San Diego with a great reputation amongst beer aficionados. All of their beers are bottle-conditioned, and none of them come in the standard 12oz bottle.

I first heard about AleSmith because of their highly famed Speedway Stout, which is ranked as one of the best stouts in the country (and a great candidate for aging). I actually found a Speedway at a Market of Choice, and figured this one couldn't be too bad either.

X stands for Extra Pale Ale. My bomber poured very clear and golden with a lot of carbonation. I found it a little thin as far as mouth feel goes, but that was to be expected with an American Pale Ale. However, the taste was as sweet and powerful as that of a dark porter or stout. I closed my eyes and ignored the clarity of my beverage, focusing on all the flavors that were melding. It was quite an interesting experience. I think I need to try this one again just to figure out what exactly was going on.


Today's musical offering will be from an Oregon band that I was introduced to by my sister. Apparently she saw them in 2007 in Salem, but completely forgot about it. They are called Typhoon....and I like them a lot.

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  1. Ok this would be funny at a bachelor party. Theme: The Only thing X rated was the beer. Except I would make an x shaped cake, x shaped dart game, Favor: custom cards with an x on on the back!Ok,a little too themey...