Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 29, 2011

Beer: X-114 IPA, Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

Ahh Widmer. A staple of the Portland beer scene.

Widmer was founded by brothers Kurt and Rob in 1984, and has grown to become the 7th largest brewery in the U.S., and the largest in the state of Oregon. They are best known for the Widmer Hefeweizen, which is practically the definition of the summer go-to beer.

Put a lemon on it.

Widmer has recently experimented with new packaging and naming for their beers. For instance, their summer seasonal Sunburn is now called Citra Summer Blonde Brew. Their IPA, Broken Halo, is now being replaced by a rotating series of IPAs.

This is one of those IPAs.

I tried X-114 at a bar after ordering Broken Halo and being told it didn't exist. Oooookkkkk. My beer had a small head and didn't have much going on in terms of scent besides fruitiness. The taste was quite straight-forward and middle of the road. As expected, X-114 is a session IPA. Someone could hand you a few of these at a BBQ and you'd neither complain nor praise them. Beer for beer's sake.


My sister has a wonderful music-of-the-day blog over at She has regularly featured music that I helped her discover, so I think today's the day to return the favor. Enjoy this tune by Lamppost Revival.

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